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    Presentation and brake question


    First of all to say what amazing forum it is! awesome works I saw.

    I am from Spain and this is my simple but functional electric scooter:

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    It is a RayCool Motard 1800W "brushed" (not brushless). I think it is like all the other chinese electric scooters.

    It has 140/145mm brake discs with 3 holes. I think it is 3x40mm for your reference.
    I would like to change front disc with a bigger floating one but all of them have 6x48mm holes.
    I'm trying to find a spacer or adapter to fit 6x48mm disc on a 3x40mm rotor before doing it by myself but I need your help.

    Thanks watching. Your help would be much appreciated.
    See you!!!

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    Hi, nice scooter, i have seen them on uner one trade name and from a german importer by another.

    A nice 2.5kw controller setup mated to the same motor used in the 1600W version ? Or is it a Godldenmotor 200 Kw? h ( can you post pics of motor and let us knwo if it uses a 35-type chain ?)

    As to help with your problem, the parts you are looking for are identical to the revisions 3.5 and later of the Forca Scooters as avaiable in german and austrian webshops (and ebay), the importers webshop is and they do support in english.

    You have the same wheel seize as their electrics since model year 2014 i do believe and since they sell that same scooter as model "Bossman" in germany ( and yes i taunted them in a forum when they introduced it with this name as german development in a post ), so any upgrade kits would fit.

    I believe to recall to have heard that the adapters are the same as used in bikes when going from 16mm to 188mm disks so bike supply shops may be able to help with the caliper adapter.
    This could allow you to look for more calipers or fit such as used on pocketbikes or other scooter models.
    Browse thrrough the "builds"sections and threads of this board as well since many have installed pocketbike rims and tires on a Goped and all had to get fitting brake disks, most posted nammes and model references.

    Send a Pm to boardmember "Toymaker"as me machines adapters, but be warned they are all polised billet aloy and cost their weight in gold.

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    Mounted and fitted PMT-R's tyres. 90/65 front and 110/55 rear.

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    Received from CN a 160mm floating disc brake. Waiting to rectify the source wheel to fit an adapter from 3x40mm to 6x48mm bolts holes.

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    Thanks for watching!!
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