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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
    I knew I was forgetting something, LUUBE!!!
    SJ is n the age where one uses Graphite or Teflon based lubrication agents ( "Rock and Roll Gold"), take anything liquid in your backpack - even more so with creeping formula like bike oil - and you'll regret it rather sooner than later.

    The valve extension can be useful on peds with a rear brake and/ or the tube nstalled pontint the valve the wrong way - happens on the first tube repairs and re-dissassembly is often feared despite being the better solution.

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    I just recently did the same thing to my piston and I don't have an unrated motor I just want to know if there was a difference because I didn't put the half moon on my piston but I did make it the W or the M however you want to call it

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