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    EVO/Uberscoot 48v 1600w help with charger


    I have the EVO/Uberscoot 48v 1600w I am on my 3rd charger in 1 years time. The stock ones after time will stay red and and stick on charging. The batteries get hot and the first time this happened one battery expanded and started to leak. Batteries are not cheap not to mention it couldd cause my house to burn down if one explodes.. Does anyone know of a after market charger or a DIY charger? Need something reliable. Thanks for any help..


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    What are the batteries, LiOn, LiPo, NiMd?

    Personally, I'm not fond of the simple plug in chargers with no screen. And some even don't have an indicator light.

    I have a Super Brain 977 for my RC's, but I use it for everything cause it can charge everything. Including car batteries and some power tool batteries.

    May be overkill for just a scoot, but a damn fine investment. Had mine for 7 or 8 years now.

    This one is a great deal, and comes with gator clips easily changed to another lead if necessary.
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