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    When you go on amazon to order one thing... and end up ordering a lot....

    I've been on a kick ever since I got a new phone. My note5 had problems with the charging port and I went for the full shebang on an S8+. Since then I've been on a war path to new USB C cables, chargers, power banks and adapters.

    Long story short I am sitting here waiting for a huge game to download (doom) and I'm like HEY. I really need a mouse pad... so like any self respecting gamer I watch like 15 minutes of youtube reviews on friggin mouse pads. Watching the reviews was actually time well spent because I found a gigantic 1' x 3' mouse pad and fell in love. Went to amazon, added the pad to the cart and realized my game was still only half way. So I start fidgeting with my phone and all the random USB testers and power banks and crap I have laying around. Turns out those 4 powerbanks I bought on the cheap in china aren't worth a damn... says 2.1A on the output, only does 1A then shuts off. Says 20,000mah (in fine print it says 12,000) and turns out it's only like 3000mah. I knew they were turds in a nice package but I didn't think it was THAT bad.

    So back to amazon... I'm all ready to check out and it's like spend another 10 bucks to get free 1 day shipping! I was gonna pay for it anyway so I starting browsing for cell phone crap. So... they got me. I spent about 80 bucks just to get that free 1 day shipping. Got a decent power bank with quick charge 3.0 and some misc adapters though.

    BTW... between the S8 and the iphone 7... samsung really won this round. With quick charge, USB C, wireless charging, and that wonderfully placed fingerprint scanner... it just sealed the deal. Also worth mentioning: I can charge a phone, with my phone! Hah!

    My game just finished

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    Sorry that the old gpn attitude coming out in me

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    Once I got amazon prime I placed 5x more orders via Amazon than I did previously. That free 2 day shipping man...
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