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    SGQ46 Revival

    I bought a Super Goquad a few years back for a sound price. I sold the stock 460 to my buddy and the quad roller sat in my room for almost 2 years.

    I finally got around to rebuilding it, using my Purple Reign 460 engine which I upgraded to an ADA 1mm stroker, ADA headkit with 15:1 dome, 110 with 32:1 Redline mixture, rattlesnake pipe, 8/64 gearing, and 223 carb.

    I haven't ridden a quad since I first bought this one. HOLY GUACAMOLE, I forgot how much fun these things were!!!

    I took it out for a few laps on a small dead end loop in an industrial park with my friend.

    If my phone's microphone wasn't broke I would post the videos I took of my friend drifting it one handed, but it isn't the same without the braaaaaap effects.

    Anyways, on to some pics...

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