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    Help with rc headkit coil mounting

    Hello all. Longtime lurker here(I forget when I joined)
    Haven’t touched a goped in a few years but I’m getting back into them and I have two Peds still
    One is a sport one a Bigfoot both needing work

    The Bigfoot stopped running when I swapped the motor off the sport( sport came not running with a cy motor with headkit so much faster than a g23 with hp carb813)

    So my issue with the Bigfoot was I can’t get the coil to stay on for the life I me. I tried loctite, I tried a ace hardware spacer with bolt and every time I end up going a mile then eating a coil after the bolt comes off

    I stole pics from a build thread to show what I mean
    Aparrently it originally came with a screw in spacer from I what I could find on the net

    I’m thinking just to rethread is my only option
    Sorry end rant just want to ride again

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    I would run a tap through the threads then shoot some carb cleaner in and blast that out with air compressor air. Maybe new bolts and some red loctite. I had my coil come loose a few times on my head kit motor and I did this and it hasn’t fallen off yet

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